Trump becomes GOP presumptive nominee as both Cruz and Kasich drop out

Photograph: 'Donald Trump speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. ' / Gage Skidmore
Photograph: 'Donald Trump speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. ' / Gage Skidmore

After the results in Indiana, and the news of both Cruz and Kasich dropping out, Trump is now the only Republican presidential candidate left. The Indiana results surprised many, as Cruz had put so much emphasis on the importance of winning this state and on how he was confident he would do so. Trump has literally defied all the odds and shown all the skeptics that he can indeed get the votes to back up his strong rhetoric. He has won in states that many thought he wouldn’t, and he is now less than two hundred delegates away from officially securing the Republican nomination and being one step closer to the presidency. After the Indiana results and Cruz announcing he is dropping out, the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) Reince Priebus tweeted that Donald Trump is now officially the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party.

After it was announced that Trump was predicted to win Indiana, the Cruz campaign made the tough decision to drop out of the presidential race. Cruz gave a speech in which he spoke about how he wanted to save the soul of the Republican Party and how proud he was of how far he had come. He also praised former presidents George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan for doing everything in their power to protect American freedom and national security. He took the opportunity to criticize the current President and Hillary Clinton by pointing to their actions relating to China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Islamic terrorism. Cruz was calling for a change in direction of US domestic and foreign policy. He finished his speech by expressing his gratefulness to his wife, children, mother, and his recently announced running mate Carly Fiorina. He said that he was proud of the movement that his campaign had created and that even though he is dropping out, he won’t stop fighting for liberty. He did not congratulate or mention Trump which was quite understandable as he was completely bashing him just a few hours before. However, it’s clear that Cruz understood that after the loss in Indiana there was no longer a viable path to the nomination for him and that it would be nearly impossible to stop Trump from getting the Republican nomination.

Governor John Kasich also has no mathematical chance of getting the nomination, and the day after Cruz dropped out, the Kasich campaign was suspended as well. This means that there is now no one else, standing in the way of Trump getting the GOP nomination. Last week, Kasich and Cruz announced they were going to team up together to take down Trump so that he wouldn’t be able to get the delegates he needs and thus make way for a contested convention. However, their strategy clearly did not work. The simple reality is that the American people are voting in ways that have baffled pundits and politicians.

Trump also gave a speech, but his had a happier tone than that of Cruz. He started off by thanking all of his family for their support and thanked the people of Indiana. He spoke about how he was trailing in the polls some time ago and even with the huge amount of negative ads (60.000 according to him), he was still able to pull it together for this buy accutane 5mg online night and win the majority of votes. He commended the people for being smart and for not buying into the ads and realizing that they aren’t true. He is now focused on going after Hillary Clinton and is confident he can take her down and make the country great again. Trump said he did not expect the outcome of the night, but was clearly very happy with the results. He changed his usual rhetoric on Cruz and instead congratulated him and said that Cruz was “one hell of a competitor”, a “tough, smart guy”, and that he will have an amazing future.  

It is clear to see that Americans are tired of establishment candidates and want a major change. Many are angry with choices current and past governments have made and feel ready for someone who is not a politician and who echoes their worries and who cares about issues they think are important. Trump talks about bad deals that politicians have made that have made the lives of ordinary Americans much harder and how important it is for that to change quickly. He talks about bringing back jobs from countries like China and Mexico; a very attractive message to many Americans who feel let down and disillusioned with current politicians. He wants to rebuild America’s infrastructure, build up the military, take out terrorists, and take care of the veterans. These are all issues that many American voters see as very important and as factors that differentiate him from other candidates. His background in business and making deals is another attractive feature to many as lots of Americans are not happy with trade and political deals that have been made the past few years.

Of course, there are still questions about if Trump could actually win the presidency as his numbers with women and minority voters are not the best. However, this has not stopped him from winning, and winning with very impressive numbers, in many states that experts predicted he would never be able to pull off. There is one big problem, though, if we look at a possible Clinton-Trump match up for the general election; she is currently beating Trump. CNN shows Clinton leading 54% to Trump’s 41%, Huffington Post shows Clinton at 46.9% and Trump at 39.9%, while the Real Clear Politics average shows Clinton at 46.7% and Trump at 40.5%. However, things have looked very dark for Trump in the past and he was still able to overcome them and leave all the experts wondering how it was possible. Also, we shouldn’t simply discard Bernie Sanders either, even though he has an uphill battle in front of him if he wants to beat Clinton, he did have a successful night in Indiana.

Will Trump be able to beat the nominee from the opposite party and become president? It’s too early to call now. We still don’t know for sure if Clinton or Bernie will be the nominee for their party, and now that Cruz dropped out, Clinton-Trump polls could begin to shift more in favor of Trump, as there is no other viable choice for Republicans. Of course, disillusioned Republicans could also choose not to vote at all. Whatever happens, Cruz has cleared the way for Trump to get the Republican nomination, but not the presidency. He still has a hard battle ahead to get that big win.


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