Why Obama should stay out of the EU referendum

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Despite what President Obama has stated, many Americans have little knowledge of the potential impact of the UK-wide referendum on a potential Brexit from the European Union. However, what has become clear from the President and multinational corporations is that change is to be feared and avoided at all costs. The upcoming referendum on EU membership will see a campaign of fear waged in a manner not seen since the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.  This is an election that should be decided by the voters of the United Kingdom, and should not be influenced by outside forces, no matter how well-meaning (or self-serving) their intent.

According to the latest aggregated polling data provided by the Financial Times, an exit for the UK from the European Union stands at a statistical tie.  From 4-20% undecided in March 2016 alone, the battle for votes will be intense and will play out throughout the streets (and social media networks) of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The aforementioned interests from outside of Britain will attempt to shape public opinion in their favour.  In 2015, Joseph Quinlan stated, writing for Esharp.eu, that U.S. firms have been long utilising Britain as an entry into the lucrative European market, buoyed by trustworthy and long standing intuitional policies and entities, EU membership, along with a developed consumer economy has made Britain attractive for U.S. based business interests.  Moody’s added that Brexit could result in a credit downgrade of UK based firms and of the state itself (Inman, 21 March 2016).  However, the same article added that the UK could emerge unscathed should a trade pact be forged between an independent Britain and the European Union after a successful Brexit vote. The Guardian goes on to state buy keflex online no rx that it is the uncertainty that weighs on the market and with investors.  This certainly does not truly address the needs and desires of the British public, only hijacks the narrative injecting fear into the debate.

President Obama, on the other hand, added his open and public support for Britain remaining in the European Union, stating that it is in the national security interests of both nations that the United Kingdom remains within the Union.  It was recently rumoured, to the chagrin of pro-Brexit campaigners, that he will visit Britain in April in part, to urge the British public to opt to remain within the European Union.  This set off a row with Eurosceptic MPs.  Conservative MP Steve Baker stated as quoted by the Independent, ‘Whenever a US president intervenes in our constitutional future; I always reread the US Declaration of Independence. We will solve peacefully at the ballot box the problem for which their nation fought a bloody war of insurrection.’ Other pro Brexit parliamentarians stated that President Obama best keep his thoughts to himself. Boris Johnson added that Americans would be none too pleased with a similar arrangement on the North American continent. Johnson is correct; Americans would bristle at a loss of sovereignty if not outright revolt.

The US-UK relationship is indeed a special one.  It transcends the spheres of politics, government and business.  It is a relationship formed through a common language, structure of laws, of family and friends.  We should respect our ally by supporting the sovereign decision of its people, in or outside of the European Union. The American government is often accused of meddling in other’s affairs, let us not make this mistake again.


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