US 2016 election update: Trump remains on top and Rubio drops out

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Another Super Tuesday is now over and Trump is still ahead in the Republican field. He won Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina. Missouri was extremely close throughout the night with the lead switching back and forth between Trump and Cruz with the margin being sometimes as small as 0.1%. The results as of now are that Trump was able to narrowly overtake Cruz and got 40.8% of the vote compared to Cruz’s 40.6%. It was a good night for Kasich as he was able to win his home state of Ohio, a win he really wanted and needed. On the Democrat side, Clinton won Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Illinois. As was the case with the Republicans, the results from the state of Missouri were very close. Clinton got 31 delegates compared to Sanders’ 32.

Rubio had a very bad night as he was not able to win his home state of Florida. Experts say that there are two mistakes he made that really hurt his image;  going after Chris Christie and then “going down to” Trump’s level and attacking him during past debates and during rallies. After the Florida results came in, Rubio decided it was time to end his presidential campaign. He gave an emotional speech addressing his supporters and thanking them all for helping him and getting him so far. He congratulated Trump on his big win in Florida. Some supporters were quite fired up and interrupted him at times, he told one “don’t worry you won’t get beaten up here”, referring to the aggressive protests that took place at a Trump rally last week. Rubio went on to speak about how his parents were immigrants and how he also had to struggle in the past, but that despite all his setbacks and his background he still made it very far. He said the conservative movement is supposed to be about our principles and ideas; he blamed the political establishment for looking down on conservatives. He said he’s proud of the campaign he has run and he believes we are on the verge of a new American century. He announced the suspension of his campaign by saying that “although we are on the right side, we won’t be on the winning side this year”, but he still remains hopeful and optimistic about America. He added that he is confident that God has a plan for everyone and that he eagerly awaits to see what lies ahead. He finished off with a prayer.

Clinton also gave a victory speech in which he congratulated Sanders for the “vigorous campaign he’s waging” and asked supporters to keep contributing on her website. She made it clear that her campaign depends on small donations. She went on to talk about her experience in the White House and how she had seen the difficult choices that a president has to make. She stated that the next president will have three tasks: to make positive differences in people’s lives, to keep people safe, and to bring the US together again. She spoke about how Americans are hungry for solutions and how important it is that the next president invests in children’s education, deal with student debt and help future generations go to college “without borrowing a dime for tuition”. She also pointed out the importance of  protecting and expanding social security, not to cut and privatize it. She only briefly mentioned Trump and said doxycycline online that he is not strong but wrong and that our president should be breaking down barriers not building walls, lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. She finished off by saying that America’s best days lay ahead.

Kasich finally got a win and in his speech he expressed his gratefulness to the people of Ohio and said that  he has always wanted to make a climate of opportunity for people and make the people proud. He spoke about the special individuality of every person and that the spirit of America lies in the people. Americans should never underestimate their ability to change the world in which we live and he said he is going to go all the way to Cleveland and he will secure the Republican nomination. He concluded by encouraging his supporters to join him in his campaign and reassured his supporters that he will come back to Ohio in the fall and defeat Hillary Clinton and become the next president. However, since Kasich is quite behind Cruz and Trump, he will have to prove he can win more than his home state. If he can, then he might become a bigger threat to the other two candidates.

It’s clear that Trump was once again the big winner. In his speech, he spoke about how he will make sure big companies like Apple will make their products in the US. He pointed out how in the beginning he was one of seventeen Republican candidates and that now it’s down to just three. He admired the huge voter turnout and spoke about how democrats, independents and people who never voted before are coming to vote for the Republican party. He said he is working very hard but that there is great anger; people want to see change and things properly taken care of. He mocked the Iran deal and trade deals for being terrible. He emphasized the importance of taking care of the veterans because they are being treated “very badly” now. He took some time to congratulate Rubio on running a tough campaign and said he will have a great future. He ended by saying “we’re gonna win for our country and have great victories”.

Cruz didn’t win a state but he still remains in solid second place. He addressed his supporters and told them that America has a clear choice going forward. He said that only two campaigns have a chance for the nomination and restated how his campaign has been the only one that has beaten Trump. He called Rubio a friend and a colleague, said his story is inspirational and passionate and congratulated him on the tremendous campaign he ran. He wasted no time in welcoming Rubio supporters to his own campaign “with open arms”.  He emphasized the importance of making Washington “less relevant in all of our lives” and he stated that he would fire government regulators, promote small business all over the country, and he said that less government is more freedom. He also took the opportunity to attack Trump on his stance on Israel and the Iran nuclear deal. He said there is a clear choice and “for everyone who wants to see a brighter tomorrow we welcome you with open arms”.

The race for the presidency is moving along quickly and few candidates are left since this race first started. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are still leading in their parties but it’s too soon to be definitively sure about who is getting the nomination for each Party. If Kasich doesn’t start winning more states, then it will become a two-man race, exactly what Cruz wanted all along. Will he be able to stop Trump’s momentum? It’s possible. Can Sanders still catch up with Clinton? Maybe. As more primaries take place the potential nominee on each side might become clearer. We will have to wait and see.


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