Listen | Alastair Stewart & Alan Graham discuss The Dark Knight Trilogy

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Is Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy a masterpiece of cinema? Has it aged well and will people’s love for it survive the potential hype and success of Ben Affleck’s new iteration in Batman v. Superman?

Alastair Stewart and Alan Graham discuss this and more in a special retrospective episode looking at Nolan’s success, and failures, as master and commander of the Dark Knight myth.

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Is it time for Hans Zimmer to step away from Batman?
Alastair looks at if Zimmer’s signature scoring for the Nolan series leaves the new Batman films by Zack Snyder at a disadvantage.

The Batman v Superman wish list (for the non-comic book fan)
Alastair gives his wish list of what doxycycline hyclate buy online he’d most like to see in the new Batman v Superman film.

Why Marvel films are the sugar rush and DC films are the meat
Let’s be honest: just why is that DC characters are more widely regarded, and more well-known, than their Marvel counterparts despite the latter having a monopoly on the superhero genre?

Superman eating breakfast: DC needs to get on TV to save the superhero genre
Alastair makes the case that DC films and their larger than life heroes have become too unrealistic and that they need to be more rooted in routine and normality to allow them to flourish like their Marvel counterparts.

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