Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump

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Ben Carson has just endorsed Donald Trump during a news conference in Palm Beach, Florida. This endorsement comes as quite a shock to many people, including former Carson supporters. It’s no surprise that Carson and Trump have very different personalities; Trump being the more aggressive and bold candidate while Carson was always known as a more quiet candidate with very strong religious views. So why did Carson endorse Trump and not someone else?

Carson spoke about how he had prayed a lot about this decision and that he had received wisdom from God. He went on to say that if those going after Trump succeed, the Republican party would be severely fractured and the election victory would practically be handed over to the Democrats and that the United States would then be changed forever. An interesting statement he made was that there are two different Donald Trumps; “There’s the one you see on stage and the one that is very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefully.” He also pointed out how he was pleasantly surprised by their common spiritual alignments. 

Despite these encouraging words, many can’t help but remain confused as to why Carson would endorse someone who had previously called him a child molester and other nasty things. When confronted with this question, Carson responded by saying that he and Donald have “buried the hatchet” and that he has completely forgiven him as is his duty as a good Christian. Trump said that the insults against Carson were simply political and that he knows Carson understands that. Carson maintained his stance that his choice is about “we the people”, that the American people need to be empowered, and that this will not happen through usual politics, it requires someone different; someone who can listen and make wise decisions.

This endorsement could do a lot of good for the Trump campaign. Carson is known to have been one of the candidates who most resonates with evangelical voters and some believe this could attract more of these voters to start voting for Trump. Even buy accutane 20mg online though Carson has not been given a firm position in the potential future Trump administration, he will be involved in policy formulating. Trump is especially interested for Carson to help in the fields of health care and education. Carson has confirmed that he and Trump will be doing some campaigning together in the future.

Trump was clearly very pleased with this big endorsement and said that “having his support, really, it just adds total credence to what I’m trying to do and to what we’re all trying to do”. Trump’s campaign slogan has been “make America great again” and Carson said that the US is nowhere near as great as it can be and that instead “we’re in a place of incredible stagnation” and that it is important to embrace policies that allow for entrepreneurial risk taking. Trump also briefly spoke about the problems with America’s trade. He stated how the US has a $500 billion trade deficit with China and that American trade deals have to change in order to make the country rich again. He also said that he is very confident that he will beat John Kasich, also calling him an “absentee governor”. When asked if he would accept money for a general election campaign Trump said he would not, but that the Republican Party might, but that that’s not in his hands. 

Ben Carson’s endorsement comes at a particularly crucial point in these elections as we approach the next Super Tuesday primaries on the 15th. Trump is hoping to win Florida and to thus be able to get rid of Rubio and make it a two-man race between him and Ted Cruz. Trump has already gotten an endorsement from another former Republican presidential candidate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but Carson’s endorsement has the potential to really attract a different kind of electorate towards the Trump vision. If this endorsement will have a big impact is still not known, but big wins on Super Tuesday may be a strong sign that it did.



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