Letter to the London Jewish News and the Jewish Chronicle: The Israeli election

Photograph: 'Views of Jerusalem' / Flickr
Photograph: 'Views of Jerusalem' / Flickr

Dear Sir,

The Israeli election showed the vibrancy of Israel’s democracy, which as a Zionist I am incredibly proud of. However, I was dismayed by Binyamin Netanyahu’s comments towards Israeli Arabs, where he complained about the high turnout from Israeli Arabs, as some sort of leftist conspiracy that right-wing voters must counteract. Mr Netanyahu, it was an example of democracy in action, where minorities, unlike in the countries surrounding Israel, have the right to vote.

His remarks come at time when distrust between Israeli Arabs and Jews are rising, and the dreams of a shared buy doxycycline society for all which is pivotal for Israel to fulfil the dreams of being a light upon nations is in danger.  We need to be working with groups like The Abraham Fund to promote coexistence between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs. All that Netanyahu’s comments have done is to push the two communities further apart.

That is why I signed Yachad’s petition on the matter, which if you agree with me you can sign here.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Hoffman

Parliament Street’s Director of Middle East Studies


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Stephen Hoffman currently works in public affairs. He is an active member of the Conservative Party and Parliament Street’s Director of Middle East Studies. He has previously worked as the Campaigns Officer for the Zionist Federation.

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