Let the SNP govern the UK, it will expose how incompetent they really are

'Scottish Parliament' / Andrew Cowan / CC
'Scottish Parliament' / Andrew Cowan / CC

Collective amnesia governs instead of the SNP in Scotland. Local councils have been stripped of their budgets, the NHS endures a roller coaster of budget cuts, disastrous waiting times and a shortage of nurses. Education has been mismanaged and colleges closed, despite promises not to, and dissenting voices across the political spectrum are treated as unpatriotic by representatives and supporters alike, particularly on social media.

If this was a UK Government, particularly a Tory one for that matter, it’s an impossibility that they would be let off the hook as easily as the SNP have been in Scotland.

The problem? People don’t listen. Nationalism has overridden pragmatism and the default blame game passes the buck onto Westminster cuts (despite the Scottish Government controlling, through its own spending, the aforementioned policy areas).

Nevertheless, the wildfire is now spreading south of the border. All indicators, particularly those polls from Lord Ashcroft, suggest the SNP will take most of Scotland’s 59 constituencies, including those of Alistair Darling, Gordon Brown, and Charles Kennedy. Sir John Major recently called on Labour to rule out a pact with the SNP at Westminster. Lord Baker, the former Conservative Party chairman even called for a Labour-Conservative coalition to maintain the unity of the UK after the May General Election.

Why bother? Let’s use the opportunity to expose these people for what they are.

Even if every single constituency in Scotland fell to the SNP, and even if they may ‘hold the balance of power’ or be ‘kingmakers’ the same nonsense that passes for government in Scotland will not be tolerated at Westminster. The fact that the party felt the need to issue a directive demanding that no member of the Westminster group “publicly criticise a decision, policy or another member” is a telling sign as to how they think their MPs will hold up under scrutiny and pressure.

Labour under Ed Miliband may not be the most competent, or effective, opposition to have ever sat opposite Her Majesty’s Government, but they are certainly one that is listened to, and more importantly, reported on in the national press. The bubble of Scottish politics will no longer be ample protection for a bloated SNP group at Westminster – they will be caught out in as much the same way as Green leader Natalie Bennett has been repeatedly embarrassed by not being able to account for her own party’s policies.

The SNP has a hubristic arrogance to governance; condemning every other representative under the sun whilst accomplishing little to nothing of the radical change, the prosperity or the fundamental improvements they think make them morally superior to every other political party in Scotland. When called out on it? ‘Only independence can solve every ill’ – despite the bedrock of their post-independence economic policy, North Sea oil, all but collapsing in price to the cost of several thousand jobs. Who do they call on to protect people’s livelihoods with tax relief? The UK Government.

Business is stifled in Scotland and the public sector, once the jewel in the crown of Scottish altruism, is being degraded under a barrage of hypocrisy. Bloated management, overworked staff, from teachers to police officers to nurses, are bearing the brunt of a government that preferred to waste two years deferring every problem to ‘it will be solved after independence’ while doing nothing to address chronic issues with the power and money that they had.

The problem is not just the SNP. Scottish politics remains a graveyard of opposition, despite the only real talent of Ruth Davidson making a fight of it every day of every week. An absence of character and of tax-raising powers to make every debate about every penny in your pocket has allowed ideational concepts to replace the debates that matter to people every day.

It’s a sad state of affairs for Scotland, but it’s a storm that’s spreading and one that looks ready to hit the rest of the UK come May. The UK still has a chance. Do not allow these people to remain unaccountable. Give them all the power they want, watch as their hubris is eaten alive by Westminster but do not, do not, do not allow them to turn the rest of the UK into the same Orwellian petri dish that they’ve turned Scotland into.

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  • Paul Fraser

    Frankly, it’s all stupidity, with stating “if this if that” an be certain of who will compose the Government, and how will the government will introduce the taxes changes… You have to be a psychic… How can we answer to hypothesises full of insults and silliness?

    Few things though:

    I was sure and certain that Westmonster would :

    1/ Push for cuts on disable
    2/ Cuts on pensioners
    3/ Not implement the near Federalism Vows
    4/ Triple the deficit
    5/ Take the UK off the EU

    And that, was no fiction, it take just a wee bit of common sense and smartness!!!

    Your rants are saying to me this:


  • Mik Blooz Johnstone

    lol, a bit of light entertainment for the day . . . SNPbad! ! ! If the Best NHS in the UK is now bad, and the the best educated in Europe is also bad, along with Crime rates at the lowest for 41 years, it tells me that the Britnats are really scared of progress…. But please, do carry on, i look forward to your next bash at satire . . .

  • Alastair Naughton

    Blah, blah, blah. Usual Britnat rubbish!

    • Alastair Stewart

      Always nice to read a considered response.

  • Britnatbasher

    The only real talent is Ruth Davidson hawhawhaw, You really Do not understand the working class, And no one said Scotland’s Problem’s would be solved with Independence !! What a load of drivel this article is biased towards the Tories spouting pure and utter rubbish

    • editordarrow

      You don’t understand that you don’t put a capital letter after a comma, but I don’t resort to being rude. If you don’t think independence would solve Scotland’s ills, why did people still campaign for it?

      • Britnatbasher

        You don’t resort to being rude !! Is that why you picked up on one comma, people campaigned for Independence for all sorts of reason’s,this article is filled with nothing but SNP bad hatred, get used to it they will be in power in Scotland for many more years to come.

        • editordarrow

          I wouldn’t say the current state of Scotland is a good advertisement for their record of power.

          • Britnatbasher

            So the current state of the UK is acceptable, you just proved my point !! SNP Bad

          • editordarrow

            I’m talking about Scotland specifically because the article is about Scotland.

          • Britnatbasher

            No you are talking about the snp specifically, And the Article is a Britnat Delusional response to anything snp,most things quoted by a Britnat oil,Independence,snp, That’s why the numbers keep on Growing in regards to the snp membership, must be all those stupid Scot’s, Or maybe just maybe they ain’t as stupid as you make out in this article

          • editordarrow

            Always need to see someone disagreeing in a respectful way.

          • Britnatbasher

            Yes calling everyone stupid is respectful

          • editordarrow

            Where did I call everyone stupid about?

          • Russell Hamilton

            The very heading of the article is completely stupid. The SNP was not brought into existence to govern the UK, only Scotland.
            The policies it is carrying out may not be to everyone’s taste (yours for example), but they certainly are policies the Scots want and need.
            The bedroom tax being nullified, free prescriptions, free education, free school meals, anti trident, pro NHS, pro Europe, the decision to fight for social justice. These are all things we want.
            You can bury your head in the sand for so long but Scotland is a far different place to little England. Our population is awake after the referendum and no longer relies on unionist media lies.

  • IQdaRadical Thinker

    Letting you write this has certainly exposed how stupid you are.

    • editordarrow

      That’s your response to the piece? If you disagree with it or don’t like it and you resort to calling the author stupid?

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