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Malcolm Tucker gently rebukes Nicola Murray for thinking she was a party grandee / The Thick of It / BBC

The Last of the Summer PMs

by Alastair Stewart in Featured 0

Remember old man Blair? Cheshire cat type fellow who was knocking round Downing Street for a while? Sitting in the House of Lords. Remember John Major or Gordon Brown? Sitting beside him. All three occasionally appear at special state functions or with the odd intervention on an issue of political or national importance. Three elder statesmen, graceful sliding into history with a comfortable quasi-retirement in the Lords while their successors play politics and historians make their living judgments. (Read More)




The Divided Kingdom

Hot Topic: BREXIT
05/07/2016 0

Our United Kingdom seems united no more. The most striking thing about this referendum result is just how deeply divided we have become. (Read More) (Read More)

Is the independence of Catalonia a dead-end tunnel?

04/07/2016 0

Nowadays, the Catalonia question has attracted great attention around the world because of the nationalistic strong feeling showed in Catalonia through protests and ‘referendums’ during the recent years. Despite this, there are Catalan citizens and ,obviously, the Spain government who is against of it since ,according to them, it would generate social and economic problems. On account of this, an agreement has not been reached of whether Catalonia should be a State or not. In other words, even Catalonia at this moment is divided into two clear sides. (Read More)

Labour Leadership Crisis: What is the problem?

Politics & Society
04/07/2016 0

In the Labour Party split, there are two main factions that formed after the general election. They both hold different outlooks on the same conventional wisdom in British politics. This division derives from those who are seen as more left within the party and those that are seen as more moderate. The conventional narrative of British politics, which both sides have a different reading of, is that the Labour party was unelectable for 18 years because of disputes over how left wing or moderate the party should be. The party took unpopular far left policies thereby ruining its electability.

This narrative is what has pushed the party to see the situation with two different truths. The moderates read the Corbyn left, as disconnected with what the country would desire and is unelectable, just like the Labour of the 80s. The more left-wing in the party see Corbyn as having formed a different left. The similarities between them and 80s Labour are not problematic because the change in the world since the Cold war has made it so the issues should be viewed in a different light, such as nuclear disarmament. (Read More)

Business & Economy


Environment & Energy


Are ‘frolleagues’ replacing our friends?

Health & Lifestyle
26/02/2016 0

The frolleague phenomenon isn’t only confined to social media. A recent survey of employees reported that “83% count colleagues as friends (frolleagues), with 89% saying they value the friendships”. (Read More)

Review: El Tonel / Almerimar

Food and Drink
05/12/2015 0

The Southern Spanish tradition of serving a small portion of food with a drink is a bonus for the holidaying Brit and a curious counterpoint to the perennial 3am kebab. (Read More)

Review: The Dhabba / Glasgow

Food and Drink
02/11/2015 0

If you’re lucky to have a seasoned Edinburgh migrant to give you a tour, you’re in good fortune: you can simply name food and be given the names of great establishments in quick succession. In this case ‘Indian’ was met with ‘Dhabba’ and a prompt march to an evening of most enjoyable dining. (Read More)

Review: Maison de Moggy / Edinburgh

Food and Drink
25/08/2015 0

Maison de Moggy has taken a novelty and turned it into a practical idea. The issue that most have – but which quickly becomes apparent – is the cats are taken care of. Set hours operate to ensure that they have time to sleep and the rooms, while small, are a sprawling maze of hidey holes, bridges, baskets and beds. Toys are littered around and they are fine examples of animals which have truly become accustomed to the cooing and petting of wave after wave of human visitors. (Read More)

Review: Wings / Edinburgh

Food and Drink
11/07/2015 0

Wings is on the list and is actually more of a cross of Andalusian spirit and Scottish gluttony than you might think. The southern region of Spain prides itself on small portions accompanying a meal: they’re normally free of charge with an alcoholic beverage, but the size of the portions mean you can have a happy balance of good food and a drink. (Read More)

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