• Environment & Energy

    Empty Cradle: Are we facing a global fertility time bomb?

    “The American poet (of Scotch descent) William Ross Wallace wrote the poem The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World. Although Wallace lived in the first half of the nineteenth century, at a time when population was still rising in Europe, and did not have demography in mind, his paean to motherhood should remind us, today, that countries with empty cradles become the ruled not the rulers. ” (Read More)

  • US & Canada

    The 3 Issues Trump Has Whiffed On

    I know what you’re thinking reading that title: U.S. president Donald Trump has whiffed on more than a small handful of issues. But here I’m not talking about things he’s done right or wrong from (Read More)
In the Spotlight

The enduring appeal of Rocky

by Alastair Stewart in Arts & Culture

“They’re more emotionally compelling, and, for this writer, Rocky Balboa is the most compelling of them all.” (Read More)


Scottish Nationalism: A Movement Bereft of Ideas?


“A lesson that many independence supporters failed to heed from 2014 is that being able to mobilise tens of thousands of already engaged people (some zealously so) might look good for a modicum of publicity, but it doesn’t necessarily conflate with political clout or persuasion” (Read More)

Is Alex Salmond an unwitting Russian stooge?


With the former First Minister of Scotland starting a new career as a talk show host on the Kremlin-backed news channel, RT, the author discusses why those from the left have an unusual obsession with Russia and why Alex Salmond is ignoring Britsh history as well as embarrassing Scotland. (Read More)

The invention of history in the Scottish independence debate

History & Philosophy

“In March 2013 a piece of history was invented, that in 1940, in the face of an impending invasion, Scotland was to be ‘sacrificed’ to protect England. This ‘factoid’ was widely used and elaborated online in the months leading up to the Scottish independence referendum. It continues to be sued to demonstrate Scottish victimhood and grievance.” (Read More)



  • History & Philosophy

    “As Iran’s wealth rose from increased oil exports more money was put into the suppression of fringe groups and the further modernisation of the state. The Family Protection Law of 1968 abolished extrajudicial divorce, greatly limited polygamy, and established special Family Courts for dealing with matters relating to the new personal status legislation, although a step forward for women’s rights in Tehran, especially being pushed by female senators who only six years before could not even hold the position or push legislation in the Majles.” (Read More)



Clinton Compares Herself to Winston Churchill

US & Canada

“Hillary Clinton likened herself to Winston Churchill as a “polarizing” figure in an interview with the British newspaper, the Guardian, this week. In trying to walk back her statement she said, ‘I mean, I’m not comparing myself, but I’m just saying people said that but he was right about Hitler, and a lot of people in England were wrong. And Churchill was a pain. He kept popping up all the time'” (Read More)

The Space Force: Would You Like To Know More?

US & Canada

“President Trump is essentially viewing space as another area for the American hegemon to exert its influence as it has done over the land, sea and air at least since World War Two. As he said himself it’s a “warfighting domain” and this has been the case for some time.” (Read More)

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